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Ryan Gandolfo has worked as an editor and writer in one of the world’s most fascinating countries – China. He covered the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan and has written about business, technology, politics, history and social trends in China for several years. He was the Editor-in-Chief of That’s magazines and Explore China travel books and has been featured in What’s on Weibo and Radii China. His extensive work in commercial writing and content marketing has catered to more than 20 clients in business, tech, food and drink, hospitality, healthcare and education industries. Gandolfo also works as a freelance editor for the Guangdong Radio & Television English division – editing documentary scripts that bring life to the marvels of the Greater Bay Area. He also works on select events/projects as a stenographer and translator for various companies in South China.

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My Story

After growing up in South Florida, I moved to China at 14 years old and discovered the world has a lot more to offer. I spent two years in high school in Shanghai and quickly developed an interest in Chinese language and culture. At 18, I attended the University of South Florida to study economics and Chinese. I joined Phi Delta Theta fraternity my freshman year – an organization where I held positions such as treasurer and president.


I accepted three internship offers over three years, including a research position at a Hillsborough County Commissioner’s office, an analyst position at Defense lobbying firm Potomac Advocates and an analyst position at T. Rowe Price. Each internship was a stepping stone and taught me valuable lessons about how to be a professional. In school, I made the College of Arts and Sciences’ Dean’s List, and later – after switching to the Muma College of Business – was named a 25 under 25 program recipient for excellence in scholarship, professional development, leadership and community/campus service. 


Following graduation, I headed to the PRC to develop my language skills in North China’s Hebei province. During my first year, I saw my Chinese improve rapidly as well as begin writing more about my experience and the economic landscape of the small city of Baoding.


The next year, I moved to Guangzhou and continued writing for a Chinese social trend-focused website What’s on Weibo. By the end of my second year in China, I had accepted an offer to join Urbanatomy Media as a digital editor based in Guangzhou.


Over the next year and a half, I covered everything from developments in Guangdong and Hong Kong to viral stories across the Middle Kingdom. My role increased as I formed bonds with different communities in Guangzhou and elsewhere in China. Aside from editorial work, my responsibilities included client relations, hosting large-scale events, commercial writing and brand marketing. My first solo magazine cover story was featured in the September 2019 publication – focusing on the long-lost Spanish settlement El Pinal in the Pearl River Delta.


In June 2020, I was promoted to Editor-in-Chief and shortly after published the fourth edition of the company’s flagship travel product Explore China. I created 15 monthly magazines (60+ pages) and two travel books (200+ pages) during my tenure as lead editor. I successfully trained editors, writers and interns who became regular contributors to print and digital articles. 


In December 2021, I left China after five years to return to the US. I continue to work remotely for multiple companies based in China while I look for the right fit stateside as an editor, communications manager, product manager, or other qualified positions.

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