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Below are articles – long- and short-form – I’ve written for various publications. Over the past 4 years, I’ve published more than 500 articles with my byline. Feel free to scroll through and read anything you find interesting.



It’s 2096. A plane flies over the international metropolis of Shanghai, and 30,000 feet below is a city covered in blue – the Bund, nowhere to be found; Lujiazui, a financial district up to its knees in watery debt. The Huangpu river overflowed, drowning a city and washing away its historical roots...


While understanding the risk of investing in China’s historically volatile market, individual investors in the PRC are buying in, especially millennials who have easy access to online trading platforms. With the PRC’s ever-changing stock market landscape, here’s how domestic traders view their home market as an opportunity to build wealth...



Could a small island off the eastern coast of Zhuhai really have played host to the Chinese mainland’s only outpost of the Spanish Empire? And what led the settlement’s inhabitants to abandon the site less than two years after its establishment? We’ve pored over books and archives, spoken to historians and even visited Qi’ao Island in the hope of shedding light on this captivating chapter of South China’s history...


With an ancient historical tradition of drinking tea, Chinese consumers are now turning to a different cup of tea; the iced and creamy bubble tea is a national favorite that’s also crossing borders and becoming more popular outside of Taiwan and mainland China. What’s on Weibo provides an introduction to the bubble tea craze and a top 10 of milk tea shops in mainland China...



One of hip hop’s defining characteristics has been challenging the status quo, which has dramatically influenced society through the power of lyrics and hypnotic beats. With Chinese New Year upon us, we’ve put together a list of 10 artists born in the Year of the Tiger that have made a notable impact in the hip hop community and beyond...


Every Spring Festival travel rush, a 40-day period before, during and after Chinese New Year known as chunyun, billions of trips are made around the PRC. Factor in the number of outbound trips from China, and it’s clear that the epidemic happened at an inopportune time – ending many people’s holiday travel plans. Despite the deteriorating epidemic situation, one group of travelers decided to throw caution to the wind and embarked on a cross-country road trip. The adventure, which they’d been planning for months, would take them from the southern metropolis of Guangzhou to Northwest Gansu and back...



Taxi drivers and ride-share platforms were seriously affected by China’s push for more remote work following the COVID-19 outbreak. Here’s how mobility companies be better equipped for the next potential pandemic...


Since its disappearance from China, Google is making new moves into the Chinese market. Chinese ‘Google Fans’ are hoping for a return of Google’s search engine...



We know of very few people as devoted to their city as Dr. Allan Zeman. Known as Mr. Lan Kwai Fong for his role in developing one of the liveliest entertainment districts in Hong Kong, Zeman has encapsulated the invigorating entrepreneurial spirit of Hong Kong since he first arrived in the ’70s...


Wealth and waistlines have a tendency to grow together. China’s rapidly developing economy has helped raise the standard of living to meteoric heights in recent decades. And while people in the Middle Kingdom are now wealthier, their diets have become ‘richer’ but not better. The country’s leading health authority drew attention to the elephant on the scale in a report released December 2020, revealing that more than half (50.7%) of Chinese adults were now overweight – a 27% increase since 2002...

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